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Material Spotlight - Cast Iron

Today in the material spotlight series we are looking at the properties and benefits of cast iron street furniture. Cast iron is an old yet still popular choice for street furniture, offering high tensile strength, excellent levels of durability and long-term corrosion resistance.

Cast iron products have a high corrosion resistance and longevity, as shown by many 18th century cast iron street furniture still seen on our streets today. This is due on the fact that cast iron doesn’t ‘rust’ in the traditional sense, instead it oxidises very slowly over many years.

Iron is heated until it liquifies, then it is poured into a mould to solidify. Complex shapes can be formed from a single casting, making cast iron a popular choice for intricate and ornate pieces. Applications include gates and railings, columns, waste bins, tree grilles and seating.

Cast iron is also 100% recyclable, also making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Here are some of the benefits of selecting Cast Iron for your street furniture:

  • Cast Iron is extremely durable and can be expected to last over 100 years
  • Cast Iron cannot be carved, cut or set on fire, making it ideal for vandal-prone area
  • Cast Iron street furniture items can be painted to a BS/RAL series colour
  • Cast Iron can be used to create decorative and ornate street furniture pieces that can reflect the heritage of an area
  • Cast Iron is 100% recyclable

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