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Material spotlight - Steel


Welcome to the material spotlight series. Today we will be discussing the features and benefits of steel for street furniture items.

Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, is extremely strong and hardwearing. It is versatile and also recyclable, making it a great environmental choice. Steel can withstand the elements and extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it an ideal choice for street furniture. Mild steel products are mostly galvanised, wh­­ich involves cleaning the material in an acid bath, and then dipped into molten zinc. The galvanising process protects the steel from corrosion. Unpainted galvanised steel can survive 15+ years on coastlines and 20+ inland without showing any signs of rust. The zinc surface heals itself when it suffers small scratches or damage.

Steel can be coated in a variety of ways to product coloured items, including painting, plastic coating, polyester powder coating, and polyamide coating. View our finishes page for more information.

­Here's some of the benefits of using steel in your projects:

  • Hard-wearing and easy to maintain
  • Easy to fabricate to any size and
  • Most products can be coated to ANY BS or RAL series colour
  • 100% recyclable material

Furnitubes team of expert designers can adapt existing stainless steel designs or create completely new designs to suit your requirements. Please contact us on 0208 378 3200 if you would like to discuss the use of stainless steel street furniture in your next scheme.

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