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New Bollard Sleeves from Furnitubes

Furnitubes now offer bollard sleeves and bollard covers. Bollard sleeves and bollard covers are ideal for the following situations:

  • If you have existing bollards or posts on your site that are worn
  • If you need a cheap solution to cover unattractive bollard or posts
  • If you need to cover up poorly installed bollards
  • If you want a quick way to co-ordinate bollards within a scheme

Bollard sleeves can be placed over existing bollards or posts at a significantly lower cost than replacing the whole post, providing an immediate solution without intrusive groundwork.

Here are some of the benefits of Furnitubes Bollard Sleeves:

  • Economical - no groundwork costs and cheaper than replacing the existing post
  • Quick and easy to install, maintain and replace
  • Our stainless steel and steel bollard sleeves can be fabricated to any size, to match your exact requirements
  • Steel bollard sleeves can be coated to any BS/RAL series colour to match corporate or local schemes
  • Bollards sleeves can be used to cover PAS 68 cores to provide less obtrusive security
  • Furnitubes expert team of designers can work with you to provide decorative designs to match existing bollards and complement the surrounding environment

View our full range of bollard sleeves, or contact us on 0208 378 3207 to discuss your specific requirements.

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