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Material Spotlight: Recycled Plastic

Under the material spotlight this week is recycled plastic. Recycled plastic products are a great choice for landscapes and schemes. Formed from high quality selected recovered plastics, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to timber, and offer excellent weather resistance.

Furnitubes recycled plastic products are made from high-quality upgraded polyolefin mixes of polyethylenes and polypropylenes (LDPE/HDPE/PP). Plastic products such as used bottles, used carrier bags, plastic packaging and other plastic waste are processed to form pellets. These pellets are then used to manufacture a range of products by means of extrusion, intrusion and injection moulding. 

Below shows a selection of street furniture products that can be supplied in recycled plastic:

Recycled plastic bollards:

Recycled plastic seating & tables:

Recycled plastic planters:

Here are some of the benefits of recycled plastic products: –

  • 100% recycled plastic helps to reduce the environmental impact of your scheme
  • Recycled plastic products are attractive, long-lasting and robust
  • Recycled plastic products require minimal maintenance, giving you peace of mind
  • Recycled plastic has excellent weather resistance properties compare to timber, making it a more cost effective alternative

Recycled plastic is easy to saw, drill, nail and screw, with the added benefit that it does not knot, splinter like timber, does not require the deforestation of trees. Recycled plastic also offers UV resistance.

Furnitubes recycled plastic products are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be modified to suit your requirements, including different colours, sizes, and tape or chains on recycled plastic bollards.

For further information on our recycled plastic products, contact our sales team on 0208 378 3200, or contact us.


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