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The best way to protect young trees

The coming autumn and winter months are the perfect time to plant new trees. The soil is warm after the summer sun and damp from autumn rainfalls, which gives young trees a good chance to root well. Having the optimum conditions is half the battle, as newly planted trees need to be protected from external factors such as footfall or vandalism.

The use of tree grilles and tree guards help to protect young trees by preventing access to vulnerable roots and trunks. Tree grilles create a perimeter around the tree that protects the roots. Tree grilles can also add architectural flair to a scheme, and different styles can be used to match the area of the scheme, from ornate cast iron designs for heritage areas to geometric steel and stainless steel designs for more modern developments. Tree guards act to prevent access to the trunk of the tree while complementing the form of the tree. Tree guards can be used in conjunction with a tree grille or on its own where trees have be planted in soft surrounds.

Furnitubes supply a range of tree grilles and guards to help protect newly planted trees. Some of our tree protection ranges are shown below:

 Here are some of the benefits of Furnitubes tree protection range:

  • Choice - we have matching tree grilles and guards available in cast iron, steel and stainless steel, with a variety of sizes and styles to suit your scheme
  • Secure - our unique secure clamp fixings prevent vandalism and theft
  • Stability - all tree grilles have the option of a one or two-part frame, making it easier to install and providing support for the grille
  • In stock - we have over 200 tree grilles in stock, and we guarantee next day delivery on all stock items
  • Colours - available painted in any BS or RAL series colour to reinforce your corporate identity
  • Sustainable - reduce the environmental impact of your scheme by selecting 100% recyclable cast iron or steel

View our FULL tree protection range online >>

To discuss your tree protection requirements, talk to us today on 0208 378 3200.

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