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The benefits of cast iron litter bins

When deciding which litter bin to use for a project, cast iron is often overlooked in favour of lighter and modern materials such as steel or plastic. However cast iron has a lot to offer as a material choice for litter bins, and they can bring a touch of class and elegance to an area. Some of the benefits of cast iron litter bins are highlighted in this post.

Firstly, the casting of iron litter bins allows for decorative designs and features such as rings and wording. This works well in traditional areas where this styling can reflect the heritage of the area. Cast iron litter bins can be painted any colour, and decorative features can be highlighted in contrasting colours for added effect and to make them stand out. Bins can be adorned with cast aluminium crests or plaques to further reflect the heritage of the area.

Cast iron is also beneficial as it is extremely durable. This makes them strong enough to withstand daily use, and economical in the long term. The heavy nature of these bins means that they cannot be easily moved or tipped over by vandals.

A lot of features that you can have with steel litter bins can also be applied to cast iron designs. Furnitubes supply a range of attractive, robust cast iron litter bins in classic designs, with a host of functional options. Bird proof flaps can fixed onto designs, visually hiding the contents of the bin whilst keeping birds and vermin out. Some bins can be supplied with an ash waste tray and stubber, allowing smokers to dispose of their ash waste responsibly.

Furnitubes cast iron litter bin feature a high capacity, reducing the amount of times the bins need to be emptied. The side opening door design and slam lock, which also makes it easy to maintain the bins.

We hold several cast iron litter bins in stock, including the following:


Here's how Furnitubes cast iron litter bins can benefit you:

  • Durable designs built to last - save time & money on maintenance
  • Features including bird proof flaps, recycling and ash waste facilities make Furnitubes cast iron litter bins fully functional and reduce street litter
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your next scheme; Furnitubes cast iron litter bins are 100% recyclable
  • We paint and highlight bins as standard in any BS/RAL colour to reinforce the corporate identity of your scheme
  • Bins can be adapted by our in-house design team to suit your exact requirements, including the addition of logo's or crests

Our full range of cast iron litter bins can be viewed here: Cast iron litter bins

Other litter bin materials and styles can be viewed here: Outdoor Litter bins

For further information you can talk to our expert sales team on 020 8378 3200, or contact us.



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