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The importance of directional signage for schemes

It can be tough for individuals to navigate themselves and find their way in a new urban environment. It is vital for visitors and locals to be provided with information and guidance to ensure they get the most out of the environment. Directional signage is a great way to ensure buildings and attractions can be located easily. Directional signage has many benefits, including boosting local businesses, promoting the use of local amenities and providing the nearest location for facilities.

Furnitubes can supply a range of way-finder signage to suit urban environments. The Zenith signage system is a modern, stylish signage system that makes a great addition to schemes. In addition, it is available with a unique telescopic spigot, which makes it easy to add or remove arms in the future.

Some examples of combinations achievable with our Zenith Signage System are shown below:

Here are just a few ways Furnitubes Zenith Signage can benefit your next scheme:

  • Attractive, contemporary signage that is a functional and low maintenance, giving you piece of mind
  • Optional unique telescopic spigot allows the addition or removal or finger arms at any time; no need to worry about future changes
  • Finger arms can be painted any BS/RAL series colour, with highlighting carefully hand painted to ensure quality
  • We can offer stainless steel, galvanised steel or powder coated columns
  • Select from a range of fonts, symbols and finger arm options to suit the style of the site, including flat, arrow and pointer
  • Our in-house design team can customise designs to suit your requirements, ranging from logos on finials to stainless steel finger collars

View our Zenith Signage range online >>

Furnitubes also supply other styles of signage to suit traditional or rural environments. Other signage options such as display boards and location boards are also available - our full signage collection can be found here.

To discuss your signage requirements with one of our experts, talk to us today on 020 8378 3200, or email us.

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