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Product range focus: Lambeth Range

The product range series continues with a look at Furnitubes' Lambeth street furniture range. Inclusivity and sustainability is at the heart of the design of the Lambeth range. The range is DDA conscious and most items are 100% recyclable or contain recycled materials. All Lambeth range products are cast in tough S.G. (Ductile) Iron to deliver exceptional longevity and vandal resistance.

The Lambeth bollard is 1000 mm high, adhering to DDA recommendations. It can be supplied painted or powder coated and is available with reflective tape if required.

The Lambeth traffic bollard is available with an 300mm diameter DfT sign, which is held on mechanically without any visible fixings. The traffic bollard is the ideal choice to co-ordinate with other cast iron street furniture elements in an area.

The Lambeth cycle stand is plastic coated to give it extreme durability against daily use and the elements. The cycle stand featues an integral tapper plate which can be supplied with parking and cycling symbols.

The Lambeth seat can be supplied with 100% recycled plastic slats, or certified iroko timber slats. Several arm configurations are available, with the 2-arm and 3-arm configurations designed to make it easier for elderly and less able users to manoeuvre in and out of the seat. The whole range is designed to comply with TFL's streetscape guidance.

The Lambeth litter bin has a large 110 litre capacity. Several options are available, including the addition of bird proof flaps, cigarette stubber and an internal ash tray. The Lambeth litter bins can be supplied with highlighted rings and lettering.

Here are some of the benefits of the Lambeth range:

  • Durability - tough S.G. iron casting means products have extreme longevity and vandal resistance
  • Environmentally friendly – Furnitubes’ cast S.G iron is 100% recyclable. Our recycled slats are made from 100% recycled material, and our certified timber slats are 100% biodegradable
  • Inclusive - many items in  the Lambeth range have been designed to be DDA conscious
  • Versatile – the Lambeth seat is available with different arm options to allow those less able to manoeuvre in and out of the seat easily. All items are available painted or plastic coated in a range of BS/RAL colours

The full Lambeth range can be viewed here.

For further information or prices on the Lambeth range, talk to our sales team on 020 8378 3200.


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