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Need someone to talk to? How about street furniture?

Cursed into a lifetime of slumber, unable to interact, reach out or ask questions to the cities inhabitants; for far too long they have been used, leant on, scratched and ignored . . . but this all stops TODAY!

That's right your lamp post is waking up and after such a long sleep it's got questions ... questions that require answers!



Well you may be pleased to know that right now your streets are still sleeping, however if you live in Bristol this is not the case! The "Playable City Award" was set out to encourage residents and visitors to interact and play with the city, bringing together cultures, integrating communities and offering a fun, alternative way to explore Bristol.

The winning idea came from PAN a design and research company that specialise in creating stimulating new experiences. “Hello Lamp Post” is the chosen scheme, allowing passersby to have secret conversations with the objects around them via text message, from post boxes to lamp posts. By being able to play with the vast variety of objects on the street, the public will begin to notice and interact with what is around them, increasing people’s interest in the city.

So how do you interact with these street products?

Almost all objects found on the streets have a unique label, whether this is numerical code or a combination of alphanumeric characters. This coding along with the name/description of the object can be texted to the “Playable city” phone number, where you will receive a response. A clever database records your conversations and makes a note on the frequency, meaning your responses are more varied and interesting each time.

The project is likely to be taken to other cities after its debut in Bristol, so your streets could be waking up sooner than you think!

Who said street furniture was boring?......

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