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New outdoor furniture for schools & nurseries

Furnitubes have recently launched the Junior range - a collection of fun, imaginative and colourful products designed specifically with children in mind. These co-ordinating bins, notice boards and seats offer an inviting and friendly environment for children to play and rest, making them ideal for schools, nurseries and parks. Other suitable locations include wildlife parks, amusement parks, campsites and more.

Further information on the products is shown below:

Nursery School Seat

Primary School Seat

Junior Seats

The Junior Seats have been ergonomically designed to provide comfort for children. There are two designs in the Junior seat range: The Primary School Seat, and the Nursery School seat.

The Primary School seat has a simple yet robust steel and timber construction. The seat is available in two sizes; the large version has six slats and a seat height of 390mm. A smaller version, called the Infant School seat, is aimed at young children. It has five slats and a seat height of 272 mm.

The Nursery School cast iron and timber seat is the perfect size for young children either in nursery or the early years of primary school. The cast iron and timber construction ensures the seat is robust, whilst the rounded form of the seat ends offers a youthful and fun appearance, ideal for parks and playgrounds.

Both seats are available in four colours - green, red, yellow or blue, allowing coordination with other elements in your school or scheme. In addition, seats can be supplied as a multi-coloured version.


Junior Notice Boards

The Junior range of notice boards are based on fun nature and animal forms, and are bound to capture children's imaginations. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in the following shapes: owl, teddy bear, penguin, tortoise, rabbit and tree. The notice boards are available in five colours: orange, pink, turquoise, green and yellow. They can also be supplied with a lighting kit for illumination at night.


Junior Litter Bin

The Junior galvanised steel and timber litter bin is both stylish and durable, making it a great addition to school playgrounds and parks. The bin has a capacity of 35 litres and like the Junior seats, it is available in four colours: blue, red, green and yellow. A multi-coloured version is also available. Using the Junior litter bin with the Primary, Infant or Nursery School Seats can provide a inviting and stimulating environment for children.

For further information or prices, talk to our sales team on 020 8378 3200.


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