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Product Range Focus - Linx Railings

This week’s product focus is on the Linx products, a range exclusive to Furnitubes.

Its simplicity and flexibility has lent the system to a wide variety of street furniture applications, including bollards and parking control.

Further information on the products in the Linx range is shown below:

The Linx railing system is based on a unique post-to-panel connection which enables modular panels to be fitted and adjusted on site, to a variety of radii and height levels. There are four bracket styles to connect the post to the rails, all based on different post and horizontal bar sections and sizes. Its modular design makes installation and replacement easy, making highways safer and giving you peace of mind. A minimal site survey is required with the range, and a vast range of material and style options are available. The Linx range can also incorporate gates.

Since the introduction of the Linx Railing system, the range has been adapted to incorporate a range of products, including bollards, cycle stands and litter bins:


The Linx bollards work on a mix and match principle, with four different sizes, six cap and two base collar choices. This allows the bollards to be tailored to achieve an individual look that reflects the character of any area.

The Linx cycle stands can be manufactured to any height or depth and choice of caps allows for many style configurations.

The Linx recycling bin features an attractive perforated design with laser cut graphics and recycling graphics to encourage use. Linx recycling corrals are also available, and they are compatible with the Linx Railings for seamless integration in a scheme.

Further information on the products in the Linx range can be found here.

For more information, talk to our sales team on 0208 378 3200. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

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