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Become the designer with our new Elements seats

Introducing Elements® - Furnitubes' NEW seating range that puts YOU firmly in control of the design. The range utilises standardised components, or ‘elements’ to allow the creation of 1000s of seating combinations, providing unique solutions to match your site and budget; with the option to easily modify seat options in the future.

Just some of the benefits of the range include:

  • A wide range of styles, materials, finishes and other options
  • 1000s of available combinations allowing you create a truly unique solution for your site
  • Create interesting and unique seating configurations from standard components
  • Select a design that meets your purpose and budget
  • Common components gives you the ability to easily modify seat options in the future
  • The range can be readily adapted to suit specific-site requirements

The Elements e-brochure can be viewed below:



An overview of the range is as follows:

  • 2 Chassis sizes - the chassis is at the heart of each Elements seat. The robust steel frame is pre-drilled for all options of slat, seat supports, arm and backrests.  Available in 1800mm and 2400mm lengths.
  • 12 timber slat options - legally sourced iroko timber slats are available in three widths for each chassis length, and can be fixed to the chassis in either a side-to-side or a front-to-back arrangement.
  • 6 support styles - 6 styles are offered as standard, with most available in a variety of material and finish options
  • Further options - armrests, backrests & anti-skate devices can all be bolted onto the chassis at standard positions, to match specific client or site requirements.

The combinations of these features allows for countless variations!


Open frame

Post support

Plate end

Goalpost frame

Concrete block

Gabion mesh

For further information, view our Elements seating range brochure which explains in depth the basis of the range and the different options available. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team on 020 8378 3200 to discuss the options available and obtain a free quotation and image of your desired combination(s).

The Concept
Most seating ranges offer the specifer a limited number of variations in terms of size, materials, and add-on features. The Elements concept was designed by Furnitubes' in-house design team to provide a seating solution with a far greater choice of configurations and options, all based around a common set of standard components.


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