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City Camouflage

It's not a secret . .  landscapes can often be ruined by intrusive buildings and structures that have been placed in front of beautiful pieces of architecture and historical buildings; however for the inhabitants of Rotterdam and Amsterdam help is at hand.

Roeland Otten is a conceptual Dutch artist who has taken on the challenge of transforming public eyesores into extraordinary works of art. Roeland has adopted a variety of methods including mosaics, painting and photographic prints to restore the natural and architectural beauty of the historical and individual landscape.

Roeland's project began back in 2009 with the "Transformatie Huisje"; the transformation of the concrete electricity substation within Rotterdam. The purpose of this project was not to create a piece of art that stood out and gained attention, in fact it was the complete opposite - Roeland's technique of reflecting the surrounding neighbourhood onto his chosen subject, meant it became almost invisible from all angles, much like a camouflage restoring the historical beauty of the town.

Roeland was later commissioned by Rotterdam City Development to give some more electricity substations a makeover in a new modern development park.

Roeland then took his creative solutions to Amsterdam, where he used pixelated mosaic images to transform the little concrete building of GGD Amsterdam. His transformations have been a great success and really are a true inspiration. More information about Roeland Otten can be viewed here.


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