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Definitive access control solutions

It can be challenging deciding on the best solution to prevent unauthorised access to areas and driveways, especially in areas with limited below ground depth, or where it is paramount the emergency services can gain access easily.


Furnitubes provide an array of functional and reliable solutions to prevent access to areas when required, including car park posts, telescopic bollards, removable bollards, and bollards that can be driven over!


Some more information on the solutions we can provide are shown below:



Car park posts

Furnitubes' car park posts are a functional and economical choice for restricting parking in specific areas. The Autopa range has a simple aesthetic, and can be supplied as fixed, fold-down, or removable.


Key features:

  • Same design with different fixing options to suit all site requirements
  • Fixed, bolt down, li-flat or removable versions available
  • Fire brigade FB14 padlock version available for emergency access

View our Autopa Car Park Bollards >>



TPR 576 Driveway Telescopic Bollard TPR 300 Round Telescopic Bollard TPS 700 Round Telescopic Bollard


Telescopic bollards

Furnitubes' Telescopic bollards lower into the ground and are completely concealed when not in use. Round or square designs are available, in addition to different bollard heights, materials and sizes.


Key features:

  • Lowers completely into the ground when not in use
  • Quick and easy to use, operate in seconds
  • Our Telescopic bollards are available in durable PU, Steel or Stainless Steel. They are tough, theft resistant, and have Sold Secure grading “Security Posts Gold”

View our Telescopic Bollards >>



Kenton Removable Bollard


Removable bollards

The majority of Furnitubes' bollards can be converted into removable bollards for areas where occasional access is required.

Key features:

  • Available in two sizes; can suit virtually all bollards and posts
  • Can be used with FB14 padlocks for emergency access
  • Removable bollards are available in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, polymer composite or timber. When they are not in use, the socket is discretely hidden

View our Removable Bollards >>



Revert Bollards

The Revert bollard range has high resistance yet is flexible on impact. Manufactured from a unique polymer composite, the bollards are rigid enough to restrict vehicles from entering prohibited zones. If they are driven over, these bollards revert back to their original position and form, making them one of the safest and most durable bollards on the market.

Key features:

  • Revert bollards will restrict vehicles from prohibited areas. If they are driven over they rebound on impact and revert to their original form
  • Revert bollards can be supplied removable or root fixed, and will practically last a lifetime
  • Maintenance free and long lasting, save money long term

View our Revert Bollards >>


To discuss your access control requirements, please do not hesitate to speak to our experienced sales team on 0208 378 3200, who can help to find a suitable solution for you. Alternatively you can email sales@furnitubes.com, or enquire online.

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