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Pictures can say a thousand words, which is why we have started creating our own Pinterest boards to share images of our street furniture, as well as inspirational products and projects from around the globe.

For those not familiar with Pinterest, it is a tool for collecting and sharing images you love. Pinterest is a quick, simple and easy to use, allowing you to create mood boards, organise images of interest and gain an insight into the hidden beauties of the world.. all without leaving your desk! We are quite new to Pinterest but we have created quite a few boards already! Our most recent boards include Unusual Public Art, Architecturally Amazing Public Spaces, Parks and Green Spaces and Our Blog in Pictures. The images below are all taken from our newly created boards.



Pinterest can also be used as a tool at work - you can use it to bring together the ideas of clients and colleagues by creating boards of images related to a project. If you’re ever stuck for ideas then Pinterest should be your first port of call - by searching or exploring the many categories and images you are sure to be inspired!

Our aim is to make street furniture exciting, so if you would like to see more images like the ones above, come and visit us on Pinterest (make sure you remember to follow us if you like what you see!)

If you are a fan of social media and would like to be kept up to date with our latest product and company information visit and follow / like our page(s):


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