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New access control solutions from Furnitubes

Furnitubes have recently launched the Access control range - a collection of products designed specifically to solve common traffic management issues.

Poorly designed traffic management systems can often have a negative impact on site traffic control and access. Furnitubes have introduced a range of products to ensure the continuous flow of traffic, with the added benefit of prohibiting unpermitted vehicles from entering a site.

Furnitubes have introduced a range of access control products perfect for car parks, retail parks and estates, and more. Further information on the products can be found below:

Barriers & Gates

Manual Arm Barrier

Manual Swing Gate

Furnitubes' manual barriers and gates ensure only authorised vehicles can gain access to sites.

Height Restrictors

Height Restrictor

Height Restrictor with Swing Gate

Height restrictors are often used on sites where vehicles over a certain height are not permitted - this is usually to restrict the access of HGVS, vans and other high sided vehicles. Height restrictors are available with swing booms for sites where access by these types of vehicles is occasionally necessary.

Protection Barriers & Rails

Impact Protection Barrier

Low Level Protection Rail

Furnitubes' range of protection barriers have a variety of different functions. Not only do they have the ability to mark perimeters, but they can also be used to prohibit access and reduce the likelihood of a serious accident taking place.

Speed & Traffic Flow Management

One Way Traffic Flow Plates

PVC Speed Ramps

Furnitubes now offer both speed ramps and one way traffic flow plates, to aid in guiding and controlling traffic. These items are usually put in place to decrease congestion and ensure pedestrians and vehicles are at the optimum level of safety.

Furnitubes' access control range also includes a wide variety of railings and bollards perfectly suited to sites where some form of access or traffic control is necessary. For a full list of our products and detailed information on what we have to offer please visit our Access Control Section on the website.

For further information or prices, talk to our sales team on 0208 378 3250. Alternatively you can send us an email.

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