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Prevent ram-raid attacks on stores

The recent news of the ram-raid at Gucci’s London store raises the question: what could have been done to prevent the attack taking place?


We have seen an increase in the news of smash and grab robberies on luxury retail outlets in recent years. Gucci's flagship store in Sloane Square, London, is the most recent example, where an estimated three suspects drove a black Mercedes through the shop front, leaving with over 30 bags, some worth as much as £30,000. Gucci management are now assessing their security for their stores, and the Metropolitan Police has called for greater store protection. Hopefully this unfortunate event will encourage other retail stores to review and improve their perimeter security before it's too late.


Ram raids like these cost retailers thousands of pounds for years, not only in stolen goods, but also in damage to their premises and trading disruption. Targets range from high street shops to large superstores, including distribution and storage facilities. CCTV and security guards can help deter and catch criminals once they are in the store, but how do you prevent these types of attacks happening in the first place?

Security bollards are an attractive and effective solution to prevent these types of robberies. Furnitubes offer a wide variety of security bollards in a range of materials and styles. Security bollards are typically reinforced with a steel security core for increased impact resistance; the deeper core and tie bars provide extra foundation anchoring. Below are just some of Furnitubes secure bollards, for more information on our full range please click here.


Holborn Zenith City Kenton


For sensitive locations such as airports, hotels and embassies, Furnitubes can supply Secureplus+ bollard sleeves, designed to be used with PAS68 bollards and cores for a high-security, anti-terror solution that doesn’t detract from the character of an area – click here for more information.

If you wish to discuss any of our security products please call us today on 0208 378 3200 or contact us online.

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