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Why it is vital we protect young trees!

Well looked after trees can have a huge impact on an area. Their growth is beneficial to the environment; they clean our air and provide a habitat for wildlife. Not only do trees offer environmental benefits, but also social and personal. Trees help us to relax; their majestic, natural appearance has a calming affect on us, improving our general health. Trees can also hold sentimental values with their longevity connecting us to the past and their seasonal changes allowing us to connect with the cycle of the year.


Trees are often planted to enhance areas, framing landscapes and emphasising architecturally amazing buildings. In the summer months, trees keep us cool by actively cooling the air and protecting us from the suns rays and in winter they help us to stay warm, reducing wind chill and providing shelter from rain and snow. The rustling of the tree leaves also provide a calming sound and give a pleasant, natural ambiance to an area.

With so many positive attributes it is vital that trees are given the best possible chance to establish in their early years, as newly planted trees can easily be damaged by vehicles, animals and people. Furnitubes offer a range of tree grilles and guards all designed to offer the highest level of protection. Available in a variety of material options and styles, there are guards and grilles to suit both traditional and modern environments.

Eltham Sunburst Greenwich Portman


Tree guards offer protection to the vulnerable trunk of newly planted trees and are particularly recommended in areas prone to theft and vandalism.

Tree grilles allow for water irrigation, whilst the roots of the tree are still being protected. Visually, grilles help to accentuate the placement of the tree, adding character to large paved areas. 

To discuss your tree protection requirements, call us today on 0208 378 3200, or alternatively send us an email.

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