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Concrete Seating: Standard Mixes + Finishes

Furnitubes' concrete seating ranges are now available in over 100 standard mixes and finishes. Custom mixes are also available upon request for larger volume production runs.

Furnitubes’ standard colours are available in up to 5 different finishes, which can be categorised under textured or smooth.

Textured finishes:

  • ACID ETCH - a very finely-textured surface achieved by washing with an acidic solution, which reveals the fines in the mix.
  • EXPOSED AGGREGATE - a coarse-textured finish, achieved by using retarders on the concrete to brush away the surface cement and expose the aggregates. A light treatment, where the aggregates are not too prominent, is standard for seating surfaces. Heavier more exposed aggregates are more suited to other products.

Smooth finishes:

  • DRESSED - a flat matt surface with minimal dressing of the 'as struck' cast surfaces.
  • SATIN SHINE - a surface with a slight sheen, achieved by buffing the surface then applying a sealant to enhance the materials colour, generally darkening the appearance compared with a dressed finish.
  • DELUXE POLISH - a highly polished and smooth surface which reveals the colour of both the concrete matrix and the aggregates. A deluxe polish is only available of flat surfaces.

It is possible to have selected different finishes on different surfaces - for example, polishing of the top seating surface in contrast with an acid etch finish on the sides of the product is a popular combination.

Finish matrix:

A sample of indicative swatches can be seen below. For ease of recognition and comparison all mixes are presented to show the finish options in a common 'matrix' format. A cross box indicates that the finish is not available in that specific mix.

Please note that the colours shown are indicative only - to ensure you receive a true match it is always recommended to request a sample of the finish you require.

To view our full range of concrete colours and mixes, take a look at our concrete seating brochure, send us an email, or alternatively give us a call on 0208 378 3200.

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