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10 reasons why concrete seating is transforming sites across the UK

Seating may not be the first thing you think of when designing a project, however the following examples show why getting it right is so important.

10 reasons why concrete seating is transforming sites across the UK:

1. Concrete can be cast into both simple geometric and organic contemporary forms.

2. Its durable construction offers the optimum strength to withstand the rigours of daily use.

3. Heavy weight and low recyclable values mean concrete products are far less susceptible to theft.

4. A wide range of mixes and finishes are available to complement any scheme.

5. Designs such as the Amesbury and Marlborough can double as public works of art.

6. It is ideal for sites that require informal social seating, such as school courtyards and playgrounds.

7. Its streamlined and stylish appearance dramatically updates any scheme.

8. Concrete weathers naturally, so requires minimal maintenance.

9. Concrete can be customised with logos, patterns and graphics making it personal to a scheme.

10. Dependent on the chosen finish, options and styles concrete can be an extremely economical choice of seating.

For further information on any of our concrete seating ranges send us a quick email, or call us on 020 8378 3214.

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