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Introducing the Drakon & Mesa

Concrete has become an increasingly popular material choice for external seating, with its durable construction, solidity of form and honesty in the use of materials.  Furnitubes has developed two new seating ranges that follow these design principles, and further extend our range of concrete products.

The Drakon range:
The Drakon range of seating is based on a concept of large scale dragon’s teeth, offering a unique style, unlike anything else readily available on the market. The range is available in 3 complementary forms, all of which have a soft sculptural aesthetic. The seating blocks particularly lend themselves to informal seating arrangements, perfect for locations such as school courtyards and pocket parks. The oval shape on both sides of the Drakon blocks is a shallow dished recess that contrasts with the surrounding material in a slightly textured finish. 

The Mesa range:
The Mesa range was developed by Furnitubes’ designers to offer a dynamic series of angular seating blocks, which can be combined to create multiple runs or used as stand-alone benches. The design was based on a block being ‘sliced’ by 30 / 60 degree compound angle cuts. In total the range comprises of 8 interchangeable modules, allowing for a variety of visually interesting variations to be achieved.

As with all of Furnitubes’ concrete seating ranges, a wide range of standard colour mixes and finishes are available.

Both ranges are currently in first-off production, with initial batches due for delivery to a school site in Scotland in November 2013. Our website and literature will be updated to include photographs of the products in situ shortly after.

To view our full concrete seating brochure please follow this link: Concrete Seating Brochure

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