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Promoting the benefits of our parks & green spaces

Parks and green spaces are enjoyed by all, they offer a place to escape and relax and aid in bringing communities together. With budget cuts affecting many sectors it has never been more important to promote the benefits of our much loved parks and green spaces.

Social Values:

  • Communities – Parks aid in bringing communities together, offering opportunities for events that reinforce the importance of an inclusive society and social cohesion.
  • Health & well being – Parks & green spaces contribute enormously to our health and well being; keeping people active and relieving stress from our day to day lives.
  • Families & friends – Throughout the year local green spaces and parks provide us with a place to meet and enjoy time with family and friends, regardless of age or economic status.
  • Education – Parks offer a gateway into the natural environment, especially beneficial to those who live within built up urban areas. Children and adults can take a hands on approach to learning through exploring the natural environment.

Environmental Values:

  • Nature – Parks and green spaces provide many forms of wildlife with a natural habitat.  
  • Reducing pollution – Air quality in urban environments is improved by the trees and plant life found in surrounding green spaces and parks.
  • Climate change – Trees also help to cool the air, by emitting moisture and providing us with shade, making our cities and towns more comfortable to live in.
  • Transport – Parks and green spaces actively support sustainable ways of travel. Providing miles of car free footpath and cycle paths, which are often used as shortcuts by the general public.

Economical Values:

  • Tourism – Our national parks, local parks and green spaces all make positive contributions to our economy. Their beauty and historical values attract tourism from all over the world.
  • Events – Both small local and large scale national events take place in our parks, raising the profile of areas and in many cases raising money for charities.
  • Business – The presence of green spaces and parks has become vital in attracting business to an area, offering a better quality of life through a calm and welcoming environment.
  • Neighbourhood – People are attracted to areas with green spaces, increasing house prices in these areas.

These are just a selection of the reasons the UK benefits from its parks and green spaces. To see how we could improve your local park visit our parks section, for a variety of suited products.

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