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Choosing furniture for your local park

When you think of your local park, what do you imagine? Perhaps some swings and slides. But what about the other important elements of the playground? No playground is complete without some simple picnic tables, litter bins, and benches for parents to sit down and take a rest. It’s all about a balance of aesthetics and practical use…


Somewhere to eat

Giving people somewhere to sit and eat in a public place makes it a much more pleasant place to be. It encourages them to stop, take in their surroundings and have a chat without having to sit on the cold, wet grass. Wooden picnic tables complete with bench and table elements are a popular choice for open areas and can accommodate 4-10 people depending on the dimensions. This makes it the ideal addition to your parks and playground as it encourages interaction and allows for an enjoyable seating experience.


Options for people to sit

For many parents, the playground can be the oasis at the end of a long day, where they get the chance to relax and watch whilst their children play. For others passing by, a simple rest stop can be appreciated, and having benches available to sit on across the area encourages people to stay. When choosing benches, it is important to think about how they will look in the surrounding area. For example, in an area surrounded by trees and grass, a wooden bench may fit the natural aesthetics, compared to a concrete or tarmac area where metal or concrete may be more suitable.

A modern style of concrete bench is the Amesbury concrete bench, which provides various seating options as it can be placed on any of its sides to decide the shape of the bench to sit on. The organic nature of this bench makes it a versatile model that is perfect for the green park landscape.


Keeping the area clean

Another practical addition to playground and park areas is litter bins. Where people go, litter can spread. Therefore the presence of litter bins is vital to making playgrounds a safe and pleasant environment to be in. It is important to consider the environmental impact and number of litter bins. Consultation with your Council’s Waste Management agents may be necessary. At the same time, litter bins themselves can stand out against the natural backdrop. But that isn’t always the case.

Many designs of litter bins use wood, or create a more modern look using metal and plastic instead. Choosing the right bins relies on a simple combination between the appearance of the area and the practical need – for example if it is an area with a large amount of litter, you will want to have a larger number of bins within close proximity to one another. Positioning of the bins is vital to ensure proper use.

The Portman Litter Bin is the ideal bin for built-up or playground areas of a park, and the combination of stainless steel lid and timber slats reflects the natural and man-made elements of the surrounding park area.


Going green with government initiatives

Across the UK, people are being given more control over the green space where they live, such as parks or community gardens. The purpose of these spaces is to encourage use by being a place for people to relax, use for various activities whilst encouraging environmental engagement with clean, green spaces – often with growing plants. Government funding initiatives allow local people to develop and maintain the sites according to regulations, and take responsibility for it.

To find out more about furniture for your local park or other green space, get in touch with Furnitubes today on 020 8378 3200.


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