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Back to school! Which outdoor furniture is ideal for the playground?

What do you think of when you think of the school playground? Whatever you’re imagining, there are some essentials which are important for the playground to function as it does. There are a few features which are a necessity within an outside educational setting serving a practical purpose and keeping the outside space pleasant and enjoyable.


Bins create a clean environment

One such item is the litter bin. Where children go, litter follows, which is why having a number of bins strategically placed across the outside space in the playground will encourage children to keep their playground litter-free. Recycling is also an important value for children to learn to take responsibility for their environment. Bins with the capability of having a separate recycling section, or separate bins for recycling and normal waste disposal, can help give children the chance to do this.

The Caledonian Recycling Bin is an ideal bin for use in an educational environment. The dual nature of the bin encourages children to recycle, and separates waste, displaying the ‘Tidyman’ and ‘Recycling’ logos. The option of steel plus a powder coated finish, or stainless steel with either a bright or satin polished finish, makes the design durable and perfect for the playground.


Cycle racks to encourage healthy lifestyles

Getting children to cycle to school can be a big task, but it is an even bigger task when there is nowhere to store their bikes! Schools promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating should have an appropriate number of cycle racks provided for children to use. This allows them to bring bikes to school, store them securely during learning hours and easily unlock them before cycling home. Children can arrive at school feeling refreshed and ready to learn, knowing that they can leave their bike safely in the playground. Optionally, bike shelters can provide an effective cover for bikes being stored in wet weather.

Coated style or stainless steel cycle stands are simple and easy to use, making them ideal for use by children and young adults. The College Cycle Stand offers a bolt down or root fixed model, with junior models designed specifically to be the best height for use with children’s bikes.


Benches for a rest

No playground would be complete without benches. Whether it is primary school sized steel and oak benches, or concrete benches for a unique and modern look, seating is an essential part of the playground. Children get tired and benches are the perfect place for them to have a rest and sit down. For children with a packed lunch, benches can provide the ideal seating area to eat their lunch outside, especially if they have picnic tables.

The Amesbury Bench is idea for a playground setting as it is made of durable concrete. The unique shape makes it a fun and interesting design for use by children.


Display cases as fun primary school extras

For schools catering to younger children, fun-shaped, brightly-coloured display cases can be the ideal way to keep parents up to date with news and information when they drop off and pick up their children. They can come complete with LED lighting to make reading easier, and the interesting designs fit the learning environment perfectly.

Furnitubes have specially designed Display Cases for schools, with a range of animal shapes that are ideal for young children. The polycarbonate, zinc and steel finish give a long-lasting and fully weather-resistant design which will not be affected by the sunlight over time.


Playground furniture for your school

Furnitubes has a large range of robust, low-maintenance furniture suitable for the educational environment. Products are designed in a range of styles to fit the surroundings – whether it is a primary school or university setting.

Find out about our past projects here or give Furnitubes a call on 020 8378 3200 for more information.


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