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How street furniture contributes to a safe and practical neighbourhood

The use of street furniture in any residential development contributes to the character, appearance and the safety of the area. There are many elements which come together to make an overall more pleasant living space, whether it is a large community project, a small neighbourhood or a just an individual block of flats.


Creating a greener space

In densely populated urban areas it can be hard to prioritise green space and plants. However, a solution to this is adding free-standing planters to the scheme, creating a robust environment for the plants to prosper. Planters can be placed in convenient locations to suit both the design of the scheme and the sun and shade tolerances of the plants.

In areas that need to be predominantly hard-surfaced, large scale greening of the landscape can also be achieved with tree planting into dedicated tree pits. The use of tree grilles helps to reduce soil compaction around the base of tree and therefore allows water to percolate to the root ball, and guards are useful to protect the stems of young trees against vandalism and accidental damage. Grilles and guards such as the Oxford Tree Grille and Guard can also provide attractive streetscape features that can be designed to complement the character of the area and even include visual references that can reinforce local identity.


Keeping your neighbourhood litter-free

With a large amount of people living within a small area, litter can be an issue. The provision of litter bins will encourage people to responsibly dispose of their litter and take pride in their area. Consideration should be given to appropriate placement of bins and their capacity should suit the footfall of the area and the local emptying regime. Litter bins also offer the opportunity to segregate general waste and recycled content at source with dedicated dual-use units or separate side-by-side bins. For example the Arca Square Litter Bin is available in each standard litter and recycling, or a combination of both.


An enjoyable outside area

It might be that your neighbourhood has plenty of space outside for you to enjoy, and you may not have your own garden area. To make the most of this space, place benches around the site, giving residents a space to sit down and relax outdoors. Furnitubes offers a wide variety of seating suitable for external areas, in a variety of materials and styles and at costs to suit all budgets, including traditional timber designs, basic utility seating and high specification contemporary designs in stainless steel and concrete. The Parallel Bench is ideal for residential areas as it is lightweight and can be moved around.


Parking safety

In a residential area where there is likely to be cars, it is important to provide a physical or visual barrier to advise pedestrians walking in the residential area as to where they can walk safely away from any vehicles. Installing bollards to delineate the edges of walkways in shared space areas reduces the likelihood of pedestrians walking out into the path of vehicles.

Similarly, providing cycle stands and shelters is a great way to ensure that cyclists remain in and store their bicycles away from busier pedestrian areas. This also encourages residents of the neighbourhood to cycle since they are provided with a way to store their bicycle, such as the District Cycle Stand.


For more products or inspiration for your outdoor residential furniture, give one of the Furnitubes team a call on 020 8378 3200 today.


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