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The role of street furniture in improving public transport

Street furniture plays a distinct role in building the aesthetics surrounding areas of public transport. Railways and other transport interchanges such as bus stops contain furniture that both adds to the appearance of the area and has a practical function. Street furniture can be the element which brings new life to rail, bus cycle and road networks across the UK.


Barriers for pedestrians

Like any area where pedestrians are in close proximity to vehicles, barriers should be put in place at particularly busy bus stops or outside some train stations. Simply putting in railings around bus stops in town and city centres such as within Central London, can make a huge difference to pedestrian safety by visibly marking the barrier for them to stay behind whilst waiting for the bus. Depending on the style of the area, railings can be selected in a modern stainless steel design

The Linx 400 Railings offer a flexible guardrail solution to areas surrounding public transport. They are ideal for uneven sites as they can be adjusted to suit a specific alignment and rotation. The stainless steel model provides a durable finish and a crisp appearance to any public site.

Railings provide a complete barrier to ensure that pedestrians are unable to walk into the road. This can be ideal for areas where bus stops are situated on busy roads and can become crowded, where pedestrians could easily force one another into the road due to limited space.


Keeping public areas clean

Litter on public transport is unhygienic and creates a disorderly and unpleasant environment for the transport users. Despite the fact that some buses and trains do have bins situated within the vehicles, space is limited and litter can begin to give off a smell. Also public transport users do not want to want to carry their empty rubbish with them for the rest of the day. The strategic placement of litter bins near to bus stops and outside stations can assist in preventing litter entering that means of transport in the first place, whilst also reducing the amount of litter dropped on the streets.

The Zenith Litter Bin is a stylish bin which is ideal for public transport areas as it is both low maintenance and strong. It is designed to cater for large amounts of litter and comes with an optional ashtray, perfect for commuters to get rid of cigarettes before boarding their train or bus. Different finishes such as galvanised steel, or even powder coated, make this a versatile litter bin for use in areas of public transport.


Seating for tired commuters

Depending on the surrounding area, benches can provide the ideal place for commuters to rest and wait for their transport. If there is a period for them to wait on their journey, providing them with a place to sit can make the commute a lot more enjoyable. Wooden, metal and concrete benches can be implemented to best suit the aesthetics of the area.

The plastic or steel-coated President Seating is specially designed to provide seating for waiting areas such as at train stations. Single seats are divided by armrests, giving each member of the public enough personal space, and allowing a specific number of seats to be attached depending on the area requirements.


Cycle racks

For those choosing to cycle to train or bus stations, they need somewhere to leave their bike that is secure and durable. Bike stands can be found at the stations, such as along the DLR line at stations, where commuters are encouraged to cycle to the station before leaving their bike for the next part of their journey. These can come in a variety of materials depending on preference and suitability.

The DLR Cycle Stand was designed bespoke for the DLR line, with the Project Development Manager, Karen Bain, saying “We have been really pleased with the cycle stands”.


For advice and designs about street furniture for your transport project, get in touch with Furnitubes today on 020 8378 3200.


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