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What difference can street furniture make to hospitals?

Hospitals are not always the most pleasant places to be. For patients and visitors, an outside space, whether it’s a garden or the area outside of the hospital building, can be a haven. Making this space look nice and provide a comfortable place for patients, staff and visitors is important to improving the overall ethos and atmosphere of the hospital.


Increasing safety outside of the hospital

The car park of a hospital or healthcare centre can be a busy place, with many vehicles using it at different times. It is important to separate the areas for pedestrians and vehicles with a visible barrier. Bollards are ideal for this purpose, as they do not completely prevent pedestrian movement. They allow patients and visitors on foot to access footpaths between bollards, so their direction of movement is not restricted. Instead, bollards act as a warning to keep pedestrians and vehicles apart. These can come in a range of designs to best suit the aesthetics of the hospital.

The Harbour Bollards that Furnitubes supplied to Broomfield Hospital are an idea example of bollards which are both strong and fit the environment that they are in. The timber and steel combination provide a durable product.


Extra security and care for visitors on bicycles

Similarly, the installation of bike racks provides a distinct area for cyclists to lock their bikes safely and securely whilst visiting the hospital. These are designed to be easy to use, so that cyclists can leave their bike secure and simply unlock and take it when they leave. Usually, these are situated at the end of the car park closest to the hospital building to provide greater security, and safety for cyclists mounting and dismounting their bikes away from traffic. The elegant Fin 480 Galvanised Cycle Stands demonstrate how brilliance and simplicity form a design which both looks smart and is long-lasting. The galvanised steel finish means that these cycle stands will not rust over time, making them ideal for use outside hospital buildings.


Keeping the premises clean and litter free

Just as in any public areas where there are pedestrians, there will be litter. Providing litter bins outside of the hospital building removes the need for them to take up space inside. It keeps litter outside, improving hygiene and helps to maintain a more sterile hospital environment and encourage an ethos of recycling within the hospital.

Ideal for recycling and keeping the environment litter-free is the Caledonian Recycling Litter Bin . Available in a stainless steel finish, it comes with optional ‘Recyling’ and ‘Tidyman’ logos, and a cigarette stubber, and have been installed at Parkside Hospital .


Sign posts can show visitors where to go

Sign posts can be extremely useful for helping visitors to navigate the hospital grounds to a particular ward, or reception area. This is particularly helpful when the hospital has multiple entrances to areas where visitors want to see their loved ones. Providing directions before entering the building saves time in the main reception area, as visitors will not need to queue to ask for assistance or directions, taking the place of any urgent enquiries.

The Zenith Directional Fingerpost caters to both modern and more standard designs. It is available in mild or stainless steel, galvanised or polyester powder coated, with arms straight or slanted depending on the individual requirement. All fonts, directions for the arms and symbols are customisable, and the post is concreted into the ground to add strength. Additional arms are able to be added as well as exact height requirements for each use.


The hospital as a place of rest

Hospitals are a place for patients to find solace and rest. No outside area is complete without suitable seating areas and benches. Not only do benches give patients a seat to physically rest, but they allow them to sit outside and take in their surroundings, particularly when the outside area is a garden or green space. It can be a break from the white, square hospital room to enjoy a quiet moment and fresh air.

Concrete seating such as the Blyth Seat Bench at Aintree Hospital is ideal for the urban setting of outside hospital buildings. They are designed for the increased comfort of users, as well as the shallow-domed top allowing water to run off easily.


Outdoor furniture solutions for patients and staff

Whatever the requirement, Furnitubes has a wide range of furniture ideal for use in outside hospital areas. They combine practical functions with a pleasant appearance to create a safe and friendly atmosphere for all patients, staff and visitors using it.

For advice about products suitable for your healthcare or hospital project, get in touch with Furnitubes today by calling 020 8378 3200.


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