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Using furniture in a dynamic way can help make the best use of outdoor spaces

Outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be standard or boring. In fact, dynamic furniture can even add practical benefits as well as an interesting appearance. A combination of pieces could make up the requirements for the area, or a single piece of furniture could even add to the aesthetics of the surroundings.


Use of height

Using height is a great way to break up the landscape. Extended backrests on benches or panels can add to any urban or natural space, or create a visual barrier between the two. Varying height can give a contrast whilst providing different levels to sit and lean on, meaning that the purpose of the furniture is flexible and has multiple uses per piece of furniture.


Imaginative appearances

Depending on the area, some colour can add to the whole look – for example a bright green can complement browns, greys and darker tones for a distinct design. Angular furniture is also eye-catching, making it enjoyable to use in public places. This makes it different from most ordinary benches, and adds imagination to fully-functional outdoor furniture.


Steel and timber components

The combination of steel and timber components for street furniture gives the best of both worlds – combining natural and man-made elements to suit any green space or urban, concreted environment. This also gives strength and durability to maintain the highest quality when subjected to rain, wind and other harsh weather conditions.


Furnitubes introduces the Seven range

The Seven range is a collection of benches, seats and panels designed to bridge the gap between urban and natural settings. Combining the selection of products to create your own combination such as the SEVB 6 bench and SEVLP 6 offset low panel, or choosing individual items such as the Seven SEVSH 6 high back bench with armrest, will help you to find furniture to meet your exact needs.


Added extras

Choosing designs that fit the exact specification for your project matters, which is why Furnitubes offers optional extras – from armrests to a choice of softwood and different colour finishes.

For more information, get in touch with Furnitubes on 020 8378 3200 or take a look at our full product range here.


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