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Well-placed bin provision reduces litter on our streets

Litter is a huge problem in many areas, particularly on our residential and town centre streets. Despite warnings and the threat of fines for littering, people continue to drop litter, especially fast food packaging. Strategic placement of litter bins in areas where litter is an issue enables the public to dispose of their rubbish easily.


Appropriate location of bins is essential

Think carefully about areas where the demand for litter bins will be greatest. For example, placing bins in close proximity to benches means only a short distance to walk to dispose of litter. Providing bins within busy areas such as parks or around town centres will encourage people to dispose of litter responsibly.


Segregating waste and recycled content

Traditionally all waste was collected in a single litter bin, with recycled content separated further down the line. Separation at source is much easier and also brings cost savings to the local authority and waste management industry chain. Most people have become accustomed to separating their waste in their homes, and are now happy to do likewise when in public areas away from their homes where this facility is offered.


Cigarettes are a common form of litter

Cigarettes are among the worst forms of litter on the streets of Britain. Every year in London alone, over 2,700 tonnes of cigarette waste is dropped on roads and pavements by pedestrians. One area of particular need for disposal of cigarettes is close to bus stops and other transport links. Commuters choosing to smoke whilst waiting for transport links need somewhere to safely dispose of their cigarette butts. Cigarette bins should provide a separate disposal unit that is not flammable and is segregated from other litter.


Litter bins with designed-in features and options

The humble litter bin therefore plays an important role in keeping our streets and open spaces clean and forms an integral part of any public realm scheme. Good litter bin provision is well-placed, of suitable capacity and with separated collection facilities, and of course should also look good. Furnitubes’ Zenith and Arca litter bin ranges in particular tick all these boxes and are offered in a wide a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and all with optional cigarette stubbers and disposal facilities. Zenith bins are part of a wider family of products that includes bollards, cycle stands and seating, so choosing this range ensures a consistent style and palette of materials across your scheme.

For more information and advice on choosing the most suitable litter bins for your project, give Furnitubes a call today on 020 8378 3200.

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