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What can outdoor furniture contribute to your car park design?

In busy car parks such as those outside large supermarkets, protecting pedestrians from the high volume of vehicles is vital. This is why outdoor furniture is necessary – to provide a safe environment for public use. This can be achieved in the following ways:


Pedestrian and vehicle separation

Bollards are a cost effective way of delineating between pedestrian and vehicular spaces compared with continuous ‘solid’ railings, and the permeability of a line of bollards allows drivers to take the most direct route to and from their cars. Spaced out correctly bollards can provide a barrier to vehicles, ensuring that they drive and park only is designated areas.

Numerous styles of bollards are available to suit the setting of the timber, from decorative cast iron designs in keeping with the local townscape, to stainless steel for contemporary commercial districts, timber and recycled plastic for rural locations and simple steel products for purely functional sites.

Consideration should be given to whether vehicles may collide with bollards, and where this is likely heavy duty versions of ranges may be beneficial – steel bollards in particular are available in many different sizes and wall thicknesses within the same range, for example on the Zenith stainless steel range and Stirling galvanised steel range, so ensuring a cohesive styles across the site. Steel-based bollards also offer the opportunity of different heights to increase their visibility. Where repetitive vehicle collision is highly likely and the Revert range of bollards is an ideal choice. Manufactured from a reinforced polymer composite, Revert bollards simply deflect on impact thereby minimising damage to vehicles, and then return upright and back to their original form.


Restricting vehicular access

Manual Arm Barriers are an ideal way of preventing unauthorised access to car parks on private land, or where a ticket system is required. A simple way to regulate vehicle movement in and out of the car park these heavy duty steel barriers are galvanised to provide the ultimate in long term durability. They are usually coated in bright colours to increase visibility to drivers.

Access Height Restrictors are used to stop taller unauthorised vehicles from entering a site. Fixed booms can be added to prevent access completely if the car park is closed, or swing booms attached to allow access for taller vehicles on specific occasions.


Using other safety features

The Verge Marker Post offers a cost effective way to protect both pedestrians and vehicles using car park at night or other times of reduced visibility. The reflective marker post gives a visual reference point to drivers to ensure they are aware of areas where there may be pedestrians.

When parking spaces are located close to a building, for example at supermarket or educational sites, the College Impact Protection Barrier is designed to prevent cars crossing out of their parking bays and onto pathways or even from nudging building facades.

One of the biggest risks to pedestrians making their way through car parks is danger from moving cars. Although speed restrictions in car parks may be signposted and displayed through road marking, many drivers do not adhere to these. PVC Speed Ramps are a proven way to reduce vehicle speed, thereby reducing the likelihood and minimising the consequences in the event of a collision. Heavy-duty recycled PVC – capable of taking loads of up to 44 tonnes – are simple to install, cost effective and an environmentally-friendly solution. The black and yellow design makes the ramps more visible to drivers.

To find out more about outdoor furniture that is suitable for your project, get in touch with Furnitubes today on 020 8378 3200.

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