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How coordinated street furniture can enhance any site or scheme

Whether it’s bollardsbenches or bins, street furniture can fulfil the practical requirements of almost any site or scheme. When selected elements are compatible and designed to work together, this can address an area’s varied urban form and scale. When these items are also functional, street furniture can enhance an area and improve accessibility, so the needs of all types of pedestrians are respected. Cleverly chosen elements and intelligent placement improves the public realm as a whole and aids in the drive to minimise clutter.

The core principles of urban design can be applied through a coordinated street furniture program, taking an integrated approach to public realm design. Urban design can shape the interaction between people and their surroundings, ensuring they enjoy and benefit from functional and attractive public spaces. The correct approach actively encourages people to take pride in public areas and streetscapes, and has a direct effect on the formation of successful communities.


The use of co-ordinated bench seats, signposts, bollards, bins and other elements creates visual harmony, a presence within an area that contributes to the character of the public realm and creates a sense of place and of community. While functionality is important, the aesthetics are too. One without the other will fail in its goals.

The aim for most schemes is to create recognisable, attractive and consistent places, with a singular aesthetic; to link communities and public spaces by creating character and identity.

What style?

Contemporary, modern styles tend to be the most popular for current schemes, although it’s certainly true the more classic designs have a role to play in certain scenarios.

The requirements go beyond the aesthetics of co-ordinated street furniture – quality being one of the most important criteria. Excellent design and the right choice of materials are also critical, to ensure items are sufficiently robust to withstand urban environments. Above all, simple, elegant, clean and timeless appear to be the words of the moment!

Take a look at our coordinated Zenith street furniture and the Horizon range of products and you'll see how a co-ordinated range can make a big impact.

Look out for part 2 of the series, with more details on the ideal locations when it comes to placing different street furniture products.

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