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5 great reasons to encourage your staff to cycle to work

We always hear about the benefits of cycling, so we've put together 5 great reasons why you should be encouraging your staff to cycle to work.

1.Improved staff performance

Research led by the University of Bristol1 entitled “Exercising at work and self-reported work performance” was conducted to show the positive relationship between exercise and work performance. The results of the study showed that on days when people exercised, their mood significantly improved. Across the three measured areas – mental-interpersonal, output and time demands – workers performed significantly better after exercise, helping to re-energise, increase awareness, make people feel calmer and particularly assisted with problem solving.

2.Cyclists take less time off sick

Studies2,3 have shown that cycling to work is related to a reduction in sick days. There is a statistically significant relationship between frequent cycling and absenteeism, with non-cyclists taking an average of 8.7 sick days per year, and cyclists just 7.4 days. This difference in absence saves the economy £128 million per year – with a projection of saving a further £1.6 billion in the next 10 years. So not only does the econmony benefit, but your business will benefit too.


3.Improvement in creativity

Studies have revealed4 that even a single exercise session can enhance a positive mood, and it has also been shown that physical exercise can enhance creative thinking. A whole host of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and many other professionals use exercise to solve mental blocks and help make positive decisions. The reasoning behind it is the increased flow of oxygen to your brain at precisely the right time, igniting your neurons and giving you respite from the pressures of day-to-day life. The study also showed that just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise boosts at least one measure of creative thinking

4.Cyclists can reduce business costs

Aside from the reduction in sick days, the average cost of providing a car parking space is between £1,000 and £5,000 to install, as well as annual maintenance costs5. Within this space you could accommodate 8-10 bikes, with basic Sheffield stands saving you up to 80% on these costs. Alternatively, take the opportunity to add some branding to your business location with the new Furnitubes range of Letterform Cycle Stands.

5.Cycling improves time-keeping

In the UK the average cycling commute to work is around 17km (10.56 miles), with an average journey time of 43 minutes (about 15MPH). Research by Citroen showed that commuting by bike will enable you to get there twice as quickly as cars, with the average speed in Central London now at less than 8 MPH between 7AM and 7PM - which is echoed in other major cities around the UK. Buses don't fare much better, with the average bus journey speed of less than 9MPH in London6 - with some routes much slower than this. All this - plus the added benefit of avoiding travelling by train and there being the wrong type of leaves on the line - make for an efficient journey to work.

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