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Putting an end to foul play

Britain's dog population has risen steadily from five million in 1970 to 8.3m today – we take a look why it is so important to dispose of your dog’s mess in the right way.

Man's best friend

Nearly a quarter of UK households have a dog1, that’s about 8.5 million dogs living side by side with humans. We are a proud nation of dog lovers - they bring joy and delight to many people, and are invaluable in all sorts of areas – guide dogs, hearing dogs, therapy dogs. They also do an essential job in the police force, the fire service and border control.



But we can’t deny that where there are dogs, there is dog mess. It is estimated that the dog population of the UK produces 900 tonnes of faeces every day and with our canine community already standing at over eight million, this problem is only likely to get worse2. A recent survey by Dogs Trust found that 47% of people in the UK said dog poo was their biggest bugbear in public places - above smoking and littering. The survey also found that with over 81,000 complaints received by local authorities every year dog mess is one of the highest by residents3.

It’s unpleasant, and it’s also dangerous - dog mess carries all kinds of health risks which can lead to sickness, and even blindness, especially in children. Recent campaigns launched by Keep Britain Tidy include The Dog Poo Fairy4 and The Big Scoop5 both aimed to encourage irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Bag it and Bin it

Whilst most of us are responsible pet owners who remember to put our rubbish in a litter bin, there are still a minority that fail to pick up after their dog. A recent survey of over 10,000 public spaces found dog mess left in 7% of locations, resulting in dirty, unhygienic streets and green spaces6.

At Furnitubes, we understand the demand for litter bins to dispose of unwanted rubbish and dog mess. So when we designed our range we thought about both the users and the people managing the facilities.

Our Pedigree Dog Waste Bin is easily spotted in parks due to it's bright red colour and features a useful hook element for attaching the dog lead while the bin is being opened and closed.

We have an extensive range of litter bins and dog waste bins designed to enhance their surroundings and keep areas tidy. Attractive functional litter bins add aesthetic value to an area and encourage use.

Furnitubes Dog Waste Bins e-brochure
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Furnitubes Dog Waste Bin

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