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10 Of The Most Unique Benches You Will Ever See

Benches can be boring - in their simplest form, plain old wooden park benches. Functional? Yes. Pretty? Not so much. As the years have passed, things are starting to change with attractive benches being created that are not only functional, but also enhance the landscape where they are placed. Then there's the next level. Taking something you love and turning it into a bench. Here are 10 unique benches that we have found that really stand out from the crowd - some not so practical, but they all have their own merits.

Truck Bench

We all remember our first cars, usually with fond memories of the freedom it gave us when we were young. Well, now there's an ever-growing craze of people taking their prized trucks and turning the tailgates into benches so they can re-live those memories forever!

Periodic Table and Bench

Not just a periodic table, but also a periodic bench! If the words Hydrogren, Chromium, Nitrogen and Helium get your attention this bench and table depicting the periodic table will probably be high up on your list of favourites from this list.

Skiing and Snowboarding Benches

If sports are your thing, what better way of showing off your passion than with a bench crafted from old kit? This one is for the avid ski and snowboard enthusiast, but we've seen them made with hockey sticks, cricket bats and rowing oars.

Typewriter Seats

This rather unique piece of furniture nods back to an early qwerty keyboard, in the form of a vintage mechanical typewriter from the early 20th century. No CTRL-ALT-DELETE available.


If writing or drawing are your thing, this is a great bench for you. This brightly-coloured creation takes the form of the humble pencil, and would fit nicely into a playground or school area.


Probably the most luxurious bench on our list, but certainly not the most practical! Dutch designer Joost Goudriaan came up with this leather-clad concept, based upon the classic deep-buttoned leather Chesterfield Sofa.


A real work of art, this welded steel bench encapsulates the form of of an engine, with the use of gear mechanisms as the armrests and feet of this bench.


Pretty unique and unconventional, there are many ways to re-purpose an old bathtub. Using them as planters for growing flowers or vegetables seems to be the most popular, however we like this alternative idea of turning your bath into a garden bench!

Book Bench

Wild In Art is dedicated to the promotion of art through the creation of mass participation public art events which bring art onto the streets for the enjoyment of all. In 2014 they teamed up with a whole host of prestigious artists and authors to paint 51 book-themed benches across London.


Although many benches are adapted to disuade people from skateboarding on them, this is more for the use of the skateboarding aficionados. This traditional cast-iron bench has been adapted with the use of old wooden skateboard-decks to form the seating platform.

As wonderful as these benches are, they're very niche. If you're looking for something more traditional or more contemporary, have a browse through Furnitubes range of benches.


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