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Furnitubes launch the new Elements® XL range

The popular Elements® range began life as a regular-sized seating product utilising a range of standard components, or ‘elements’, to allow the creation of 1000s of different seating combinations in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials. Given the popularity of the original Elements since its launch several years ago, and also in response to client feedback, we have further developed the range to include larger seating products, which we have named Elements XL.

Based on the same principles as the original Elements concept, the additional depth to the seating platform allows dual aspect perch seating on benches, permits back-to-back placement of seats, and offers a higher backrest option. The extra seat depth also improves stability, enabling the products to be left freestanding at sites where there is no risk of theft, thereby avoiding expensive installation works.

With two standard size options, a choice of seven support types and many optional add-on features, the variety of Elements XL seating configurations is almost endless, putting you firmly in control of the design to best suit the requirements of your scheme.

Elements® Standard seating

This depth of the platform on Elements Standard seating is perfectly adequate for most applications. Where space on a pavement is limited, standard size seating doesn’t take up any unnecessary room that might cause an obstruction or a hazard. Standard seating allows a full range of add-ons such as armrests, backrests and tablet surfaces. Benches can be used from one side only at a time. All options require ground-fixing.

Elements® XL seating  

The extended platform depth on Elements XL means that benches can be used as perch seating simultaneously from both sides, so potentially doubling the seating capacity compared with Elements Standard benches. Bigger seating makes a bolder statement and particularly suits placement in large open urban spaces. The extended depth also makes them more stable, meaning they can be used freestanding, thereby avoiding expensive installation works. As backrests do not extend outside the rear line of the supports, back-to-back seats can be directly abutted.

Elements® Narrow seating

Elements Narrow benches are ideal as short term seating solutions, being comfortable enough to rest on for a short while, but not encouraging long term use. This is even more so with the high version. When standard and high benches are combined they provide an unusual two-tier seating solution, which is particularly popular with children. The short platform depth doesn’t allow the addition of backrests.

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