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The Benefits Of Tree Protection

There are many ways that trees have a positive impact on our lives - from improvements in air quality, increased security, to health benefits and protection from rain and sun. You can read our blog post on five benefits of using trees in urban design here.

Tree Grilles

  • Traditionally constructed of cast iron and sat in a metal frame, tree grilles allow for water and air to go straight to the roots. This is vital for young trees in order for them to develop a healthy root system.
  • Tree grilles help to prevent the buildup of litter in the tree planting area.
  • Visually, grilles help to accentuate the placement of the tree, adding character to large paved areas.
  • Tree grilles provide space for a tree whilst protecting the root system from pedestrian traffic, cyclists and animals.
  • Young trees can struggle to get the nutrients they require when competing with weeds. The use of tree grilles helps to suppress weed growth.
  • Due to the level of excavation required to install grilles, they should generally be considered for use as part of a new planting specification. Retro-fitting can cause damage to established root systems and should be avoided.
Tree Grilles

Tree Guards

  • The tree's trunk carries the vascular system which is an essential part of its vitality. Tree guards are used to prevent damage to the trunk from deliberate vandalism or accidental damage.
  • The addition of tree guards can make a high-quality visual design statement in public realm schemes.
  • Tree guards are supplied in two parts to allow simple fitting after planting. Once a tree reaches a suitable size, they can be removed and re-used elsewhere.
Tree Guards

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