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What is a pocket park?

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Cities and other busy urban areas are always looking at how to improve life for their residents and make the most of any space. Although there are a few different ways to go about this, one that is becoming very popular with many cities is pocket parks.

What is a pocket park?

Urban pocket parks are small parks designed for use in the public realm around urban areas. As the name suggests, they are usually found in built-up urban spaces where other outdoor space may be limited or non-existent. They are also sometimes called parklets or mini-parks. Relatively easy to set-up and comparatively inexpensive to build, they are an effective way for urban areas to create inviting, outside spaces for residents.

What purpose do they serve?

In simple terms, these spaces provide somewhere safe and welcoming for people to meet up in. They also allow urban residents to experience nature and wildlife in an outdoor setting which they may otherwise not have access to. Urban pocket parks also offer real flexibility in how they can be used. They could be a place for friends to meet, a place for people to lunch together or somewhere to simply sit and relax after a hard day. As this shows, they are multi-purpose and can offer different things to different people in the urban landscape.

What are the benefits of pocket parks to urban areas?

Although it is now clear what they are and what they do, you may still wonder what benefits they deliver to cities and other urban areas.

Perhaps the biggest one for many is how these usable green spaces can bring the local community together. By providing a space for people to meet and engage, it helps to build much stronger community bonds between them. Residents who might otherwise not see each other are able to head to their local pocket park to chat and build lasting relations with each other.

An urban pocket park will also totally transform any unused, derelict space it is set-up in. Derelict areas can often be a magnet for trouble in cities so this is a key benefit. By turning something that is scruffy and unloved into something that is vibrant and used by the community, it helps to improve the area immensely. Having a relaxing, quiet space with nature inside it is also much better for the physical and mental health of residents. The presence of plants and trees will help cleanse the polluted air while an inviting, relaxing space will make people feel good about where they live

Getting the design right is key

If you are thinking of setting up an urban pocket park in your community or city, getting the design right is vital. A big part of this is choosing the correct furniture and accessories to put inside it. At Furnitubes, our high-quality street furniture is great value and ideal for a range of schemes. From railings to seating, benches, planters, browse the website or call today for more details.


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