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Top 5 inspirational female landscape architects

Around the world, there are a number of landscape architects that are setting new standards, utilising new techniques and designing outdoor areas that are as iconic as they are beneficial to the surrounding environs. Many of these are women.

With that in mind – and to celebrate International Women's Day – let’s take a look at five of the most inspirational female landscape architects working today and their projects.

1. Andrea Cochran

Based in San Francisco, Andrea Cochran is one of the leading landscape designers in the world and has the accolades to prove it. She graduated from Harvard in 1979 and, in 2014, was the recipient of the world-renowned ASLA Design Medal. She is perhaps best known for her incredible corn maze installation in Sonoma, California, which is made from twigs taken from willow trees.

Andrea Cochran - Corn Maze
Corn Maze, Sonoma, California.


2. Sue Illman

Based in Gloucestershire, Sue originally practiced as a Certified Accountant then retrained in landscape architecture at Cheltenham College of Art and Design. Between the years of 2012-14 Sue held the title for being the fourth female President of the Landscape Institute. Illman is committed to her beliefs of reaching out across the built environment industry and practicing the best environmental solutions. One of her most well-known projects is the famous Cheltenham Racecourse redevelopment in Gloucestershire.

Cheltenham Racecourse
Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire.


3. Pamela Burton

Born in 1948, Pamela has acted as something of a trendsetter for many of the upcoming world’s landscape architects, both male and female. She is, without doubt, regarded as having had an immeasurably positive impact on the vocation. She is a fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and prominent award winner: since 2011, she has won more than 15 world-renowned awards. Her standout work is, according to many, the Archer School for Girls – a stunningly modern and expansive complex – which is in Los Angeles.


Archer School for Girls
Archer School for Girls , Los Angeles.


4. Jennette Emery-Wallis

A chartered landscape architect with over 25 years’ experience, Jennette Emery-Wallis has produced award-winning work on a number of complex design projects, developing a range of creative solutions. Jennette is is renowed for her strong design aesthetic and has worked across many sectors including; public park regeneration, public realm, housing and mixed-use development. Recognised for her work in designing active and playful spaces and for her execution of the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial playground, Kensington Gardens.

Diana, Princess of Wales memorial playground
Diana, Princess of Wales memorial playground, London.


5. Mikyoung Kim

Born to South Korean parents but raised in the US, Kim is known for her ability to combine the very different disciplines of engineering, art and neuroscience. As well as creating incredible work – which includes the John Hancock Tower roof garden – she also teaches at Harvard and has her own architecture firm based in Boston.

John Hancock Tower
John Hancock Tower, Boston.



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