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Cultivating safer spaces in education

Whilst online learning and homeschooling came to the rescue during lockdown it has proved that students need to have access to a quality learning space to achieve their potential. Creating environments where students feel relaxed provides greater learning opportunities as well as social inclusivity. Developing usable and functional spaces for education in schools, colleges and universities can have significant benefits on students' health including; improved concentration and lower stress levels for better learning.

We explore ways our outdoor furniture can be used to benefit educational establishments.

Colourful, moveable seating & planters

Creating informal seating arrangements in playgrounds encourages more social use of spaces than conventional linear forms. This style of seating gives students a designated area to socialise comfortably, giving them space to relax whilst incorporating brightly coloured furniture can offer a creative area and encourage social skills, curiosity, imagination and physical development.

Combining seating with planters can not only improve the aesthetics of an area but it allows students to be closer with nature, creating a calming and tranquil space great for study.

The Uniun range of modular seating and planters is built on a single, common base moulding, it is readily movable and comes in a range of bright colours, ideal for creating social spaces in playgrounds or communal halls.

Functional, adequate cycle parking

Cycling, scooting or skateboarding to school, college or university improves overall health and fitness, promotes independence and is much better for the environment, creating less air pollution. Making space in schools for secure cycle parking facilities encourages students to get ‘on their bike’ and aids a more active way to start the day.

The Letterform range of cycle stands brings something unique and personable to cycle parking provision - forming a striking feature as letters can be used to personalise the location.

Smart, hygienic hand washing stations

Handwashing has always been a vital part of hygiene in educational establishments, it helps prevent the spread of germs and making hand washing easy and accessible together with providing adequate hand washing facilities is the best way to encourage use.

Our Zenith Foot Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser is a smart and economical way to maintain hygiene in public areas. Also available as a kids version as it is shorter in height and the foot-pedal operation makes it easy to use for even the youngest of children. The choice of bright colours is also an added bonus!

Take a look at some of the educational schemes we have been involved in where outdoor furniture has been used to improve learning spaces.

Book our CPD on Shaping Safer Spaces to learn more.


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