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Greening the grey: The value of our parks

Come rain or shine our parks and green spaces are enjoyed by all, they provide opportunities for physical activity, relaxation and aid in bringing communities together.

As we celebrate two years since London gained the status as the world's first National Park City, and as champions of green space ourselves, we explore the real values in our precious parks and why they should be protected and embraced at all times.

Social Values

Parks play a vital role in contributing to adult and child social life, parks are the places used for community events as such they are a place to enjoy time with family and friends, regardless of age or socioeconomic status. Adding seating and planters to these areas also reinforces the importance of an inclusive society and social cohesion.

Health values

Parks & green spaces contribute enormously to our health and well being; as a place to keep active and relieve stress from our day to day lives. Parks offer a gateway into the natural environment and are especially beneficial to those who live within built up urban areas. Children and adults are able to take a hands-on approach to learning through exploring the natural environment through their local parks.

Environmental Values

Parks help to reduce air pollution particularly in urban environments as trees cool the air by emitting moisture and providing us with shade, making our cities and towns more comfortable to live in. You can find all forms of wildlife with a natural habitat inside our parks and green spaces too, this along with plant life, provide better overall air quality.

Parks and green spaces actively support sustainable ways of travel. Providing miles of car free footpath and cycle paths, which are often used as shortcuts by the general public also resulting in reduced air pollution.

Economical Values

The presence of green spaces and parks has become vital in attracting businesses to an area, offering a better quality of life through a calm and welcoming environment. House buyers are particularly attracted to areas that boast a lot of greenspace with most people willing to pay more for a property close to a nice park.


Furnitubes created AKRI retaining steel walls as a flexible solution to introduce planting to busy urban environments. AKRI, which is part of our modular solutions, is available with both straight or curved panels, as well as choices of materials and finishes to suit different schemes including parks, rooftops, podiums and public spaces.

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