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Shaping the way in landscape design: AKRI

Planters, whatever their shape or size, when filled with foliage provide an area of natural beauty in any landscape design -they provide form, texture, sights and smells. Trees and plants help soften landscapes and flowers provide a pleasing aesthetic whether it’s in a quiet neighborhood, bustling urban city, roof-top allotment or pocket park. With people spending more time outside the need for planting has increased, so how do you choose the right planter for your scheme?

We take a look at ways AKRI, our latest planter solution can be used to enhance different environments.

Public spaces

Large-scale planters can easily become a focal point in any environment and are ideal in busy public realm spaces. Adding a large planter breaks up pedestrian movement as people are forced to stop and go round (ideal for social distancing), or adding seating to planter schemes gives people a place to stop and dwell in the area for longer periods of time.

Roof-tops and podiums

Roof-top gardens are popular in busy urban cities. As well as impressive views, they provide that much needed green space for residents or visitors to enjoy. Other than improving the overall well-being of everyone in the building, the addition of large planters improves the aesthetic and provides a storm water management system for the roof.

Parks and pocket parks

Using planters to create welcoming, bright spaces inside parks provides many benefits to the community. With the addition of seating to the planters with tablet rests or armrests, they create an inclusive space and provide a comfortable place to rest or meet with friends. Plants within the planters help to improve the surrounding air quality and whilst having a positive impact on people's health, they provide increased biodiversity in the environment.

We’ve created AKRI steel retaining walls as a flexible, modular solution to introduce planting to busy urban environments. AKRI provides a versatile solution for creating raised planting schemes in any public area bringing nature, trees and plants together in one space..


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