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Cycling for the win!

Cycling is on the increase in our towns and cities, love it or hate it, the new segregated cycle lanes, increased cycle parking provision, even separate traffic lights are here to stay. The cycling pros far outweigh the cons so local authorities are moving to make it a more inclusive and accessible mode of transport for everyone even in urban areas. But is there more to be done? And how can we entice future generations to put down the car keys and get on their bikes?

Health benefits

Not only does cycling get you from A to B, it is an excellent form of physical exercise. Suitable for families and friends, learning to ride a bike forms part of an early memory, it boosts mental health and can ease feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety. Regular cycling improves core and leg strength and overall fitness.

Sustainability benefits

Unlike cars, cycling is an environmentally friendly option for travel with zero-emissions. It is ideal for reducing your carbon footprint and improving air quality in your local area. Opting to use 100% recyclable cycle parking facilities aids with cities pushing a more sustainable agenda.

Stand out cycle facilities

One way to inspire people to cycle is to offer adequate cycle parking at a destination, having somewhere secure to park your bicycle at a workplace, restaurant, park or town centre encourages use. There’s opportunity for businesses and local authorities to create unique cycle facilities here. Like with the addition of our Letterform cycle stands which offer something very different from the traditional hoop-style stand. Spell out the name of your brand, cycle parking function or place for a quirky edge.

You can view our range of cycle stands here.

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