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Shaping the way in landscape design: Uniun

It was once quoted ‘man is by nature a social animal’. As such, new kinds of meeting places are being created in towns and cities to encourage social interactions; from pocket parks to allotments and sky gardens - so the days of straight line seating is some-what becoming a thing of the past. The positive value of these spaces is enormous, encouraging people to sit and spend time in their environment is beneficial both mentally and physically.

Making these spaces enjoyable where people want to sit and spend time in, adds more benefit to a location, and when adding quirky seating it attracts attention, it becomes a focal point of a space offering a statement piece.

We explore the weird and wonderful seating and planter configurations all achievable with Uniun.


When Uniun modules are clustered they form larger scale platforms, this allows people to sit individually or together or face in different directions. For more private and informal seating areas, adding planters creates a green buffer between the seating modules and brings people closer with nature.


You can join adjacent modules on random different sides using standard and reverse Uniun units. Adding combined seating and planter modules creates an attractive informal linear chain, much like an island archipelago.


Create unusual shapes by joining together Uniun modules on adjacent sides at different angles. Planter modules can be added to create striking geometric patterns ideal for large open spaces and schools.


You can create large, solid island configurations by placing adject modules so that two of their adjacent sides touch the neighbouring unit. Combining seating and planter modules to this effect are well suited to large open spaces.

View the range of Uniun modular seating and planters.


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