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The Green Room | Decarbonised

Welcome to The Green Room, #Decarbonised. A five-part series of discussions tackling sustainability with key heads in our network.

With climate change now at a critical point, it has become increasingly important for us all to think about the way we live our lives and the impact we have on the environment. As industries scramble to do their part streamlining operations, thinking smarter about design and curbing wastage - Sustainability is an ever-growing focus across the board from manufacturing to landscape architecture.

Tune in each month and share your thoughts with #Decarbonised on social.

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Episode 5
Retain, Refit and Recycle | Feat. Alex Lowenhoff

In the final episode of our #Decarbonised series, Alex Lowenhoff from Outerspace joins us for a chat on all things circular economy. We kick off discussing the meaning of the concept the impact and the benefits - we delve into policy, how Outerspace have adapted their approaches and how the concept can be applied across the architecture, urban design and construction industries. Make sure you tune in!

Episode 4
Reclaiming Hardwood | Feat. Ashwells Timber

In the penultimate episode of our #Decarbonised series, we ventured out to Essex for a chat with the UK’s leading tropical timber reclamation specialists, Ashwells Timber. Joined by Janine Davies-Tut (Managing Director) and Deb Davies-Tut (Operations and Marketing Manager ) who are at the head of the business - they share their story, we discuss the significance of reusing materials within the built environment and how reclamation is key to saving the world’s trees and rainforests.

Episode 3
The importance of Good Soil | Feat. Jonathan Bourne

In the third episode of #Decarbonised, we are joined by Jonathan Bourne, Sales Director at Bourne Amenity who manufacture high quality bespoke topsoils and substrates. Tune in as Jonathan educates us on “good soil”, it’s significance and how it impacts sustainability across the supply chain.

Episode 2
Sustainable Drainage Systems | Feat. Martin Hunter

In the second episode of our sustainability series, #Decarbonised - Martin Hunter of Robert Bray Associates joins us in The Green Room for a discussion around the significance of SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) in combating climate change and how they compare with the traditional engineered approach.

Episode 1 | Part 2
Decarbonising Construction Part 2/2 | Feat. Alistair Bayford

In part 2 of Decarbonising Construction, we conclude our discussion with Alistair Bayford (Maylim) on sustainability and its effects in our industries. Alistair shares his thoughts on how manufactures can support the decarbonising of the supply chain and he answers our quick fire questions.


Episode 1 | Part 1
Decarbonising Construction Part 1/2 | Feat. Alistair Bayford

In the first of 2 parts in #Decarbonised - Alistair Bayford, Director of Business Development at Maylim joins Catherine in The Green Room for a discussion around sustainability, the decarbonising of construction and its supply chain and what landscape architects and designers can do to drive change.




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