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Why is Triple Processing better than Galvanising?

As we manufacture our products in house we are lucky enough to be able to test our manufacturing processes and find the best quality finish for our steel products. Whilst the protective properties are known, it became apparent that the usual method of hot dip galvanising on steel products compromised quality with visible drips, pitting and other imperfections.

Using our engineering capabilities, we created a solution that ensures we provide the highest quality finish on our product ranges. Here's how we do it:

What is Furnitubes’ Triple Processing?

Triple Process Coating is our own finish system for all steel products. Besides providing an excellent-quality finish, it is also corrosion resistant and highly durable, further prolonging the lifespan of our products.

This process involves three steps:

  1. We clean the steel thoroughly by shot blasting to grade SA 2.5, this completely removes any trace of grease, dirt, oxide scale, rust and paint coating. Ensuring the surface is fully cleansed and decontaimanited.
  2. An even coat of primer is applied using a free-flowing dry powder. After heating to 200°C, the powder is cured onto the surface to an 80 micron minimum thickness. It is the primer application that provides long-term corrosion resistance.
  3. To complete the process a PPC coat with a choice of RAL colours in matte, satin and full gloss of your choice is applied.

Why is it better than galvanising?

Improved corrosion resistance

Having been tested by an independent laboratory, our Triple Process Coating system not only provides a better result (visually) than galvanising but is also robust and extremely corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for the outdoor environment.

Increased Environmental benefits

Unlike TP the galvanising process requires high temperatures for dipping, which results in a high carbon footprint in the process and uses much higher levels of heavy metals and hazardous industrial chemicals in the treatment process.

Triple Process Coating is offered as standard on all of our modular solution ranges including; RailRoad; Elements, AKRI and will be rolled out to other ranges in the near future.



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