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Reclaiming Timber: Fordham Seats

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In an urbanised world, landscape architects, councils and urban planners are becoming more conscious about sustainability and carbon emissions when designing a scheme. So specifying eco-friendly solutions that will meet their vision is essential and as street furniture designers and manufacturers, we also bear responsibility for our environment so we’ve been reviewing our ranges to find ways of making them more environmentally friendly, enabling landscape architects to up the ante on sustainability and meet green goals.

What is reclaimed timber?

Reclaimed timber is wood that has been processed to be repurposed for other uses. It mainly comes from timber recycled from structures like decking, factories, old ships and piers. As a result of each piece's individual character and uniqueness, reclaimed timber makes a particularly beautiful and unique product for both interior and exterior projects.

Why choose reclaimed timber?

Apart from its aesthetic benefits, using reclaimed timber helps save trees and rainforests from deforestation by reducing the need to cut trees for new wood, promoting environmentally friendly practices as well as reducing carbon footprint.

The older and more weathered wood becomes, the more durable and stronger it is as it has already done all the expanding and contracting it's ever going to do. This gives it maximum strength and density making it much less prone to distortion and rot - with a lifespan of over 25 years - reclaimed timber is an ideal material to use in built environment projects.

Fordham + our ranges

We recognise there’s a need to find ways to use timber products in a more sustainable way. We have been working with reclaimed timber specialists, Ashwells to source the best type of reclaimed wood to use in some of our ranges, this will not only give landscape architects and contractors the option for a more sustainable product but also give us more visibility on our products lifecycle and carbon footprint.

We've adapted our Fordham range, built on a recycled steel frame as standard, to offer reclaimed timber, contributing to a cleaner, greener landscape. We will be presenting the revised design at the Landscape Institute Awards on 24th November at The Troxy, so if you're attending, come see it for yourself and talk to us about how it can benefit your project. 

View the range

Want to know more about reclaimed timber? We had a chat with tropical timber reclamation specialists Janine Davies-Tut and Deb Davies-Tut from Ashwells in The Green Room #Decarbonised.

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