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University of Leicester, Brookfield Campus

University of Leicester

Landscape Architect:
Barry Chinn Associates

Westminster Building

Project details:
Brookfield - a satellite site to the central campus - is a recent acquisition that the University of Leicester is developing to offer supplementary and upgraded teaching facilities and office accommodation for support staff. The site comprises a mixture of historic buildings and distinctive late twentieth century construction with enclosed courtyards. One of these courtyards is the first area to be redeveloped at Brookfield, designed to offer an external rest and relaxation area, or even be used as a meeting space when the weather is suitable, by the Estates Management team staff from the surrounding offices.

When selecting seating for the scheme, landscape architects Barry Chinn Associates truly embraced the modular concept of RailRoad, so much so that the setting out of the perimeter planting beds was dictated by the seating sizes. Three separate seats were supplied, each comprising different radii modules that introduce a refreshing informality to the courtyard, especially compared to the very linear layout of the space previously. The seating is further enhanced by the addition and informal placement of backrests, armrests and tablet surfaces, which are useful for placing paperwork, laptops, or simply a coffee on. Unusually, the seating combines straight-cut ‘Edge’ timbers with the round post ‘Loop’ seat supports.

RailRoad Edge - Straight & Curved Seating
RailRoad Loop - Straight & Curved Seating
Blyth Seat & Bench


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