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One New Bailey, Salford, Manchester

Legal & General

Landscape Architect:
Hyland Edgar Driver

Bowmer & Kirkland

Project details:
Located in the heart of the City of Salford, adjacent to the Central train station just across the River Irwell from Manchester’s busy Deansgate area, New Bailey is a state of the art new office development. One New Bailey is the third new building in the development, with a further 3 plots to be developed in the future. Sitting in front of One New Bailey and extending up to the public highway is one such currently vacant plot, on which the client was keen to provide a smart useable open space to include seating provision for the general public, and also to serve in preventing illegal parking, until such time as new building works commence. Given the temporary nature of the seating, conventional products were considered cost-prohibitive and also disruptive in their installation requirement.

It was decided to use a combination of planters and large gabion baskets (filled with local bricks salvaged from the previous buildings on the site), both just simply placed on top of the paving. The addition of Furnitubes’ Lapa platforms to the gabions has introduced comfortable seating provision at costs that are appropriate to the temporary nature of the seating. The gabions and Lapa platforms can also be readily relocated elsewhere around the site as new building works come on stream.

Lapa Gabion Seating Platform

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