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Sun Pier, Chatham, Kent

Medway Council

Project details:
Sun Pier, located on the River Medway, has been a prominent feature of Chatham’s historic waterfront since its construction in the 1860s. The pier was publicly-owned, with pleasure boats making stops, as well as being used for commercial purposes and also housing a pier pavilion that became a popular tourist destination. Sadly, the pavilion was destroyed by fire in the 1970s and in 2007, the pier was once again damaged and the mooring pontoon destroyed. Sun Pier was identified as a key feature in the redevelopment opportunities for the riverside and a new landing stage was constructed to allow river trips along the Medway to moor, with the future possibility of water taxis using the pier to connect Chatham town centre with Medway City Estate. Recent improvements have included repairs to the pier boarding and perimeter railings, and the provision of seating so that visitors can rest while awaiting their boat mooring, and also take time to enjoy the surroundings.

RailRoad Edge was the chosen seating solution, with the repeating timber slats of the seating platform complementing the linearity of the pier decking. The steel supports were supplied in a galvanised only finish to offer a long term durable solution in this potentially aggressive riverside environment. Two benches were installed, each comprising a starter and end unit to create 3.25m long seating to accommodate up to seven people, and double that if used from both sides as a perch seat. It is hoped that Sun Pier will once again become a focal point to Chatham’s riverside rejuvenation in years to come.

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