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Wantage Market Square, Oxfordshire

"The use of the Bell 340 cast iron bollard as housing units for lighting allowed us to achieve a very satisfactory lighting scheme for less than 40% of the cost originally indicated. We are very pleased with the outcome and would certainly recommend Furnitubes Bell 340 Bollards for the purpose of accommodating lights.”
Clerk to Wantage Town Council

Wantage Town Council

Project details:
Wantage Town Council was seeking to install lighting to illuminate the statue of King Alfred in Wantage Market Place. It had originally been proposed to use eight uplighters set into the york stone surround, however their lighting engineer advised that it would be more effective and economic to have surface mounted units. The Council then contacted Furnitubes to see if the Bell 340 three-quarter cast iron bollard would be suitable to accommodate the uplighters.

Furnitubes designers investigated the feasibility and were able to confirm it was possible to use the Bell 340 to house a lighting unit*. The Bell 340 bollard features the same shape as a standard Bell, but with a segment removed to protect building and brickwork corners. This segment allows the lighting unit to be installed within the bollard.

Wantage Town Council opted for three lighting units to be covered by the Bell 340 bollards. The Bell 340 light housing units not only protect the lighting around the statue, but also protect the area and pedestrians by deflecting the wheels of vehicles that try to mount the pavement.

Bell Bollard

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